Never thought I could be a cover model!

Werelds wonen interview ©BintiHome

A covermodel? Me? haha I never thought I could be a covermodel! Since we finished Our Cairo Home already some nice collaborations came in our way. So a little while ago I got a request from a new magazine Werelds Wonen that they want to feature me and my story about living in two countries, wow that’s cool! Right?

Covermodel interview Werelds Wonen

Ofcourse the title of this blogpost is a little joke. A covermodel? Okay, the photo of me in my home is used for the cover, technically that makes me a cover model. But let’s now focus on the inside. The Werelds Wonen magazine is a new magazine what will be in stores 4 times this year. The magazine is all about living with inspiration from the world. It can be about living in another country but also enjoying precious moments at home with the family and kids. Todays trends combined with interior inspiration from abroad. ‘World Living’ can be everywhere and that’s what they want to show in this magazine. And I am more than honoured that they asked me for this first issue!

Werelds wonen interview ©BintiHome

Werelds wonen interview ©BintiHome

Interview over wonen in twee landen

This interview with me is divided over 14 (!!) pages with a lot of beautiful photo’s. Photo’s from my previous home in Holland, photo’s from projects I did here in Egypt and ofcourse some photo’s of our new home.

The story is mostly about my business Binti Home and how I created my own brand over the past years. Inspired by my creative mom and the business skills from my father I think Binti Home really got the best of two worlds. And that’s what I want to show with Binti Home. Inspiration comes from everywhere, a beautiful colourpalette on the street, a inspiring conversation with someone or a beautiful new product. I try to keep all this inspiration together on Binti Home Blog. This colour concept and getting inspired by two worlds are reflected in other projects too. Think about styling and photography, interiordesign and brand collaborations.

That’s why I was so honoured when companies such as Eklego, Margushi, Inca & Co and The Nile Co asked me to do collaborations with them for styling and photography and even product design ( what?!). Many more inspiration to share soon.

”You can read the whole interview here : Binti Home Werelds Wonen-1

For now I hope you this new magazine Werelds Wonen will inspire you! Unfortunatelly only for sale in Holland. But you can read the whole interview ( in Dutch) when you click on the link above. The next issue will be in stores around 25 june 2017. Enjoy!

Werelds wonen interview ©BintiHome

Werelds wonen interview ©BintiHome

Styling en fotografie : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home



6 reacties

  1. Wat gaaf! En wat ziet het tijdschrift er leuk uit, ken het niet. Ik ga eens kijken bij de boekhandel.
    Fijn weekend!

  2. Ik heb het tijdschrift gekocht, mooie foto’s van je huis ? maar ik was niet onder de indruk van het tijdschrift zelf, miste een goede eindredactie

    • Hi Stephanie, bedankt voor je reactie en leuk dat je de foto’s mooi vindt. Het is natuurlijk een nieuw tijdschrift dus wellicht dat er nog dingen aangepast worden in de loop van de tijd. Maar voor iedereen is dit natuurlijk weer anders :)

  3. Wow, wat een toffe reportage! En superleuk dat je ook op de cover staat.

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