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{ Yoghurt Barn Haarlem } I need to confess. When we decide to go out and eat somewhere it’s not the menu I look at in the first place. No, while searching for a nice spot to have a breakfast I am scrolling down instagram and search for nice interiors. Yes exactly, a nice interior of a restaurant where we can make amazing photo’s, Oh and have breakfast ofcourse ;)… And that’s how we visited Yoghurt Barn Haarlem.

The brick wall at Yoghurt Barn Haarlem

We all know that the brick wall has been a big interiortrend for a while. Some really take off the pretty plastered walls to search for a brick wall others work with brick wall wallpaper for the same look. I have to admit that when we were in the middle of our home renovation I had that same moment of being in a daupt. The thing was that when we took off the old tiles of the kitchen, tadaa! there was a brick wall… Oops.

But then we realized we already bought some pretty new tiles for the kitchen so this interior trend will not be in our home. This big intro is just to let you know that I still think that the brick wall is really cool. And that as soon as I enter a place where there’s a brick wall I have to take photo’s for instagram or my blog.

So after we ordered our delicious yoghurt ( I love the Crazy cookie with kiwi and bastogne) we took place in this cozy industrial restaurant. And ofcourse we had to take some photo’s too to share it here on the blog.

Yoghurt Barn Haarlem Culture Love Nomads ©BintiHome-12

Yoghurt Barn Haarlem Culture Love Nomads ©BintiHome-4

Yoghurt Barn Haarlem Culture Love Nomads brick wall plants ©BintiHome-4

Industrial materials

It’s all about the good mix of materials, brick, concrete, oak wood, textiles and a lot of plants. Did you read my blog last wednesday? It’s about why I love plants so much and how I style this in my home? In Holland I had a lot of hanging planters in my house. For Our Cairo Home I still have them on my wishlist. What I really like about this industrial style is the way you can just show everything, the rough and little nonchalant decor and it fits the theme. Thinking about the pipes against the walls, the unstructured and half painted bricks and the planthangers made of pure rope. Pretty industrial inspiration to create easily the same atmosphere in your own home!

Yoghurt Barn Haarlem Culture Love Nomads ©BintiHome-6

Yoghurt Barn Haarlem Culture Love Nomads ©BintiHome

Thank you Yoghurt Barn for the delicious yoghurt ánd that we could make some photo’s. It’s definately one of my favorite spots in our ( hopefully) future home town :D!

Yoghurt Barn Haarlem Culture Love Nomads ©BintiHome

Photography : Souraya Binti Home Blog & Mahmoud Sherif