OUR WEDDING – My white flowers wedding bouquet + flower decoration

My white weddingflowers Mooiwatbloemendoen ©BintiHome-8

This week it’s all about the wedding! The 11th of march we had our wedding in Holland and this week we will have our wedding here in Cairo too. Sometimes it feels so unreal but we feel soo blessed with our lives in both countries including our families and friends. And because we wanted to feel the same sparkles and excitement for us and our family for our Egyptian wedding as for our Dutch one we didn’t post any photo’s yet. But be prepared, a lot of photo’s will be shared. :) Starting with my white flowers wedding bouquet and the flower decoration for our Dutch wedding.

White flowers wedding bouquet

The last months I have been searching for a lot of inspiration online for the styling of our Dutch wedding. We wanted something special, cosy and what really reflects us. Ofcourse I really think a lot about the styling of the wedding. Very important to me are the flowers. To start with my bouquet, I choose for white flowers ( ranunculus / ranonkels ). These pretty spring flowers were the flowers of the month march by Mooi wat bloemen doen. I wanted a simple and cute bouquet so I combined the white ranunculus with eucalyptus. I was pretty nervous when I picked up my bouquet because I totally trusted the company. But as soon as I had the wedding bouquet in my hand I simply loved it!

These photo’s of the wedding bouquet and location ( outdoor & second table ) are made by amazing talented photographer Ilka van Wieren. Can’t wait to share the photo’s of the photoshoot we did with her!

white flowers wedding bouquet

white flowers wedding bouquet

Amazing wedding location : A cozy green house

We were searching for a while for our wedding location. Really wanted a greenhouse with a little tropical vibe for our day ceremony and brunch.  I have been searching for a while and found some places such as the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam or Leiden. But the thing was that the tropical indoor garden was not ‘open’ yet as the season didn’t start yet. And there suddenly it was, found online ( by my mom! ) the amazing green house in the middle of the Dutch flowerfields. Called ‘flowerbed’ / Bloemenbed in Noordwijk. The owners of this place live in the house next to it and they also own a big teahouse what is open during the spring and summer. They work on the flower fields which are now in full blossom.

When we first visited this place I immediately knew, this is it! It’s so cozy, everywhere (tropical) plants and the decoration is such amazing. We were able to use the long blue tables and the wooden chairs. For the wedding styling ( more about that later ) I got amazing help from my two stylist friends Naomi and Sanne. They both have their own business in styling too and this was ofcourse the perfect match. Because I had to let go for once ;). But ofcourse we made the plans for the styling together, and that was so much fun! Naomi wrote the name cards for the table herself, I simply adore them. That’s really my tip for every bride to be : make the styling of the wedding personal! I am so happy that my best friend could make these things for us.

My white weddingflowers Mooiwatbloemendoen ©BintiHome-7

My white weddingflowers Mooiwatbloemendoen ©BintiHome-7

Wedding table styling with flowers

As the place was already so pretty itself it didn’t need a lot of styling. But ofcourse we had to add some flowers. Similair as my wedding bouquet I also use the flowers in the styling of the wedding. So for the tables we put different flowers, such as eucalyptus, ranunculus and Gypsophila. The pretty ranuculus came in different colours such as white, pink and orange/yellow. A perfect match with the white and mint green tones. Also we lay some eucalytpus on the table between the vases and candles for some nonchalant bohemian look.

Another nice styling idea with flowers I found on Pinterest. Really like the wooden chairs but I wanted to add something. So we tie some white tulle together with the eucalyptus and the gypsophila. I thought it gives a romantic yet playful though to this wooden chairs. So in love with the romantic and cosy feel of this location and the flowers are a beautiful addition to it.

I am so thankful we found this location and I will share more stylingtips of our wedding later this week.

My friends where so sweet to take some pictures with their phones of the table setting to which I share down here!

My Wedding Decoration styling Greenhouse ©BintiHome-11

My white weddingflowers Mooiwatbloemendoen ©BintiHome-7

My white weddingflowers Mooiwatbloemendoen ©BintiHome-7

Wedding bouquet Mooiwatbloemendoen ©BintiHome-4

The flowers are sponsored by Mooi wat bloemen doen

Photography : Photo’s 1,2,3 & 5 by Ilka van Wieren





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  1. W À U W wat een geweldige plek en super mooie styling! Mooie kleuren, helemaal jij! Geniet van een mooie trouwdag in Egypte! X

  2. Het ziet er allemaal prachtig uit. Alles, de bruidsjurk, de locatie, de bloemen, alles. Van harte gefeliciteerd. Veel gelukkige jaren samen. Geri.

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