Welcome to my home


Hi welcome and thank you for visiting my Binti Home blog! As an 28 year old interiordesigner, stylist and photographer and most of all, entrepreneur, I get inspired by life and where it takes me. Addicted to coffee, music and travelling. On this website I share my passion for colour, interiordesign, styling, photography. But most important, passion for life. Living and working between my two home countries Holland and Egypt and this is where I got my inspiration from. I am running my own business since 2009 and in love with my husband and backbone Mahmoud. Read more about my story here.


My blog is my story

On this blog I give you a view in my life as a traveller, designer and stylist. I love to capture everything what inspires me and makes me happy. And I hope to make you happy with this too. I was so honoured that my blog received the Vtwonen Meet the Blogger advanced award in 2015.

My blog is where everything comes together : the projects I have been working on, the travels I have made and the Life I am living. And most important, all the photography on this blog is my own. I share my own home and especially now our new home in Cairo. After living for 3 years in my previous home in Holland we moved to Our new home in Cairo, but we will divide our time in Holland and Egypt so we will move to a new Dutch home too!


Collaborate or work together?

I love to collaborate with brands and stores for Binti Home Blog. But especially when it feels good. Sometimes I receive free products for my own home but this is always products I would choose myself too. Or I create a campaign for a brand with a photoshoot and video. I always share this on instagram ( 50k+) too. I receive a lot of requests for collaborations but just take a look at my website. If you feel we can collaborate just send me an e-mail blog (@) binti-home.nl. Important to know is that I only post my own photography and video’s on my blog so it’s always about creating unique content creating.

Feel free to discover this website and I hope I can inspire you with my vision on colour, maybe we can collaborate or share ideas? I always love to read your comments and hope to see you back on the blog often ( you can subscribe on the side bar to not miss anything!).


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