VIDEO – Concept, styling en fotografie van mijn kussen collectie

BintiV video Concept, styling and photography velvet collection

Ik ga weer aan de slag met het maken van video’s! Met in deze video alles over mijn eigen velvet kussen collectie inclusief het concept, de styling én fotografie!

VIDEO BINTI-V [ LIFE ] My own Collection

In this first episode of Binti-V I will share behind the scenes video’s of the photoshoot I did for my own collection. How does my home look when I am shooting? And which colours do I combine with each other? Also I will tell you everything about the concept of my own velvet trend collection.

I am very excited to share this first video with you and I am even more curious what you think. Please subscribe for my channel to stay up to date for more video’s.

VIDEO – Life, Home and Career

I really like to create video’s and especially those with a concept. After the Our Cairo Home series I wanted to create something new. Also I wanted to share more about my life. But I don’t want to make weekvlogs. Because one week is better to capture than the other. And because I don’t want to stick myself to the plan that ‘I have to film everything’. So I thought it was nice to work with 3 subjects : Life, Home and Career. In ‘Life’ I will share something what happened that week, for example I will share behind the scenes of a project. In ‘Home’ I will share styling tips or decoration ideas. And in ‘Career’ I will share tips of how to run your own business and my own career stories.

If you have any question or request, feel free to put it down in the comment. What would you like to know about my Life, my Home or Career?


Do you like one of the cushions or fabrics? The fabrics can be ordered by Inca and Co. The cushions can be bought here on the blog. Which one is your favorite?

Curious about more video’s I have made? :


Video + edit : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home







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  1. WAUW wat gaaf. Echt geweldige kussens!!
    Ik ga sparen voor de Encraved Stories naturel.. Super mooi!

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