Summer house styling with bright colours

Ocher yellow summer house bedroom ©BintiHome

Can you imagine it’s already spring? Yes I am so excited! I am not really a winter person and feeling the sunshine on my skin again makes me so happy. Can’t wait for the many days we will spend outside again and travelling to the coast. Here in Egypt you have some amazing places near to the beach, one of them is Hacienda Bay in the North Coast of Egypt. Here I photographed this amazing summer house for design studio Eklego last summer.

Summer house styling

When I think about a summer house I believe it’s the best place to relax and escape the daily city life, especially the city life of Cairo. When Eklego Design asked me to travel with them to the North Coast for a great stylingproject I immediately said yes. We arrived in a beautiful summer house this designstudio designed. And they asked me to do the styling and photography, the thing I love to do the most! In this blogpost I like to share the ingredients you need for the styling of a fresh poppy summer house!

Ocher yellow summer house bedroom Dina Samaha ©BintiHome-9

Styling ingredients with colour

For me the definition of a summer house is a bright, light, fresh atmosphere. Daylight is very important and if you paint all the walls white it reflects the sunlight even more for a brighter look. I love to work with lighty fabrics for the curtains such as pure linen. In this bedroom the curtains are white mixed with ocher yellow. To combine two colours in a curtain is very classy yet stylish. White linen is so pure and open, the ocher adds some warmth. For the colour palette of this bedroom the base is white and beige combined with ocher yellow, purple and blue tones. This amazing nighstand is from the Reclaimed Wood collection from Eklego Design.

And as you all know I prefer to create a balance. So when I found this amazing artwork from Dina Samaha ( Artistri ) I thought it was a perfect fit. I love the work of Dina and can’t wait to hang a beautiful piece in my own home. The ocher in the painting matches the curtains and pillow. The purple / pink comes back in the pillow and lamp shade with fabric from Inca and Co. And the blue tones are coming back in this pretty rug by Kahhal Looms. In this way you see how easy it is to connect different accessories by one artwork. You can ofcourse also choose a cushion as a starting point. The most important thing is to connect the different accessoiries and furniture by creating a balance in colour.

Ocher yellow summer house bedroom ©BintiHome-2

Ocher yellow summer house bedroom ©BintiHome

Style your own home

I believe that the basic styling of your home should be timeless so you can enjoy the style the whole year. But you can change the look of your home by the seasons. The best way to do this is to change the accessoiries and maybe even the colourpalette. The 2/3 base colours such as white, beige or light grey you can keep it the same. But you can change the 2/3 accent colours into other colours to change the mood.

For example, if you want to simplify the styling of this livingroom you can leave the purple and brown out and work with white, beige and blue tones for a fresh look. If you want a more eclectic look you can keep the ocher and purple and maybe even add some extra greens and orange. And that’s the power of colour and why I always love to create colourpalettes. Because it can easily change any room! :)

For now I wish you a wonderful monday. This wednesday a new blogpost about the plants in my new home!

Ocher yellow summer house bedroom ©BintiHome-11

Styling and photography : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home
Interiordesign : Eklego Design

In collaboration with Kahhal looms, Inca & Co, Artistri, Eklego showroom


  1. Hi souraya!
    Love your blog. I am currently looking for inspiration for my sokhna house and am wondering where you got the glass lamp you have on the nightstand here?

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