Styling en fotografie

Styling en interieur fotografie :

For brands, designers and stores I do styling and interiorphotography  where I can be responsible for the complete photoshoot. Together with the brand I think about the complete concept of the photoshoot. I take care of the shopping, the styling and interiorphotography. Also I can think with the brand how the photo’s will be used in a catalogue, website or other solutions. A photoshoot project is custom made and before we start we will have a meeting to get to know each other and talk about the whishes. On what location do you want to do the photoshoot? What image should the photo’s have? I mostly work in excisting spaces, what means in a house, restaurant or store. I don’t work in a studio as I am always working with Daylight. All your questions can be answered in a meeting. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me.
Photostyling for brands and stores :

If you’re interested to know for which brands and stores I styled and photographed so far you can see the links below.

Vt wonen // Yaya // Eklego // Reform Studio // Stek Magazine // Flair magazine // Raw Eco Design //  Flexa // Mooi wat bloemen doen // Mooi wat planten doen // Yurt Store // Bloomon // ShowUp event // Zenza // Men at Work // Fest Amsterdam