Result of the cabinets painted with Histor perfect finish lacquer

Today I can share the result of my painting project with you. I painted these two cabinets ( which I stacked together) with the Perfect Finish lacquer from Histor. I really like it how the colours turned out. Because of the subtle colour gradient this cabinet looks fresh, soft and sophisticated as I can speak by myself. I think it’s a good match with the House Doctor wooden handles and the gorgeous wallpaper Triangles from Lilesadi! You can order this wallpaper here. Did you already finished your painting projects? Till next week you can make your appointment on the website for a free colouradvice via facetime, skype or phone. Please share your paintingprojects in the comment below, I would love to see it!

The first idea was to make a subtle gradient, but in some way I also like to mix the drawers all together to give the cabinet a funny touch! What way is your favourite?  

Styling en fotografie : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home

Special Thanks to Histor and Lilesadi


  1. Hello Souraya,

    i love your blog. Its such a Inspiration. Thank you♥

  2. Hello, I love your cabinet, it looks so nice and fresh and the wallpaper is wonderful …
    Have a nice day and weedend!

  3. Hey Souraya, can you share the color codes of the paint that you used for these cabinets?

  4. Great inspiration for a shoecloset i am planning to restyle

  5. Super gaaf zeg, wil ik ook wel op mijn muur thuis

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