Delicious Red Velvet Pancakes for breakfast in Seminyak

Breakfast in Seminyak Bali Travel inspiration blogger Red Velvet Pancakes Best breakfast The Fat Turtle ©BintiHome

And there it was, the moment I eat the most delicious red velvet pancakes ever! And actually it was the first time I eat red velvet pancakes, have to admit that I never heard of them before. Untill we walked into this cute place to have breakfast in Seminyak called ‘The Fat Turtle’ in Bali. This place is really worth it to take a visit to have the best breakfast of Bali.

Breakfast in Seminyak : Red Velvet Pancakes

I can honestly tell that I am a foodie. Food can makes me extremely happy and I simply love to eat. Sharing that with my husband who loves to eat too and we always end up in great places to try a new meal. And sometimes we find that place where we can literly eat every day. We were looking for breakast in Seminyak and we found this place  The Fat Turtle close to famous Potato Head beach club. It was a little bit hidden and the restaurant itself is not too big. But actually that’s what I like. A place in a hidden place but you can feel the passion of the owners, the quality of the food is good and it was crowded everytime we visit them.

After checking the menu we decided to ‘go crazy’ and try sometimes we never eat before, the Red velvet pancakes. Oh ánd including icecream and chocolate, doesn’t that sound like the best breakfast ever? And if you visit them for the second, thirth or forth time ( I don’t blame you ;) ) you have to try the toast with avocado and egg, a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Beside that the food on menu is so delicious, the prices are good too. Spending around 50k-75K rupiah for a breakfast is a good start of the day.

Breakfast in Seminyak Bali Travel inspiration blogger The Fat Turtle ©BintiHome

Quote coffee lovers Travel inspiration blogger Best breakfast Bali The Fat Turtle ©BintiHome

Breakfast in an industrial interior

I have to admit that Im always having my focus on the restaurant interiors when we select the places to eat. It can be a local restaurant or a more high end fancy place. As long as they took care of the decoration of the place I love it. Doesn’t mean that it has to be designed by an interiordesigner but sometimes the small details are the best. And those details I really saw at the interior of The Fat Turtle.

When you enter the place it looks like you’re walking into a garage. The dark steel and glass windows gives the space that industrial look. It depends on the timing of the year if the humidity will let you enjoy your breakfast outside or it’s better to enjoy the food inside with the AC on. But the entrance looks so good to not share a picture of it here ;). Nice handmade drawings decorating the windows and the wall. And while the industrial interior style you see here on the outside already looks amazing, it’s even getting better inside..

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Travel inspiration blogger Best breakfast Bali The Fat Turtle ©BintiHome-13

Breakfast in Seminyak

Walking inside the restaurant you find yourself in a good atmosphere. If you’re looking for an unique, simple and good priced breakfast in Seminyak, this is your place to go to! I think I can say, wellknowed by the delicious Red velvet pancakes, The Fat Turtle is really a great spot to have your breakfast. It’s also a great spot to sit with your laptop or ipad and work a little while sipping from the fresh watermelon juice ( must try!). There’s wifi available and the atmosphere is relaxed with some background music playing.

While we’re waiting for our breakfast I am looking around and enjoy the pretty decoration. The white brick wall with amazing hand paiting and the different quotes on wood. I wished I could take one home with us to hang in the kitchen. ‘People who love to eat are always the best people’, ha! I totally agree on that ;).

Watermelon juice for breakfast at The Fat Turtle Bali ©BintiHome

Travel inspiration blogger Best breakfast Bali The Fat Turtle ©BintiHome

Travel inspiration blogger Best breakfast Bali The Fat Turtle ©BintiHome

Quote food Travel inspiration blogger Best breakfast Bali The Fat Turtle ©BintiHome-11

So, if you’re looking for a delicious breakfast in Seminyak definately take a visit to The Fat Turtle. It’s easy to combine with a visit to Potato Head Beachclub, Oh and if you try the Red velvet pancakes, please do leave a comment what you think about them! :) Enjoy Bali and you can check here for more Bali blogs.

You can find The Fat Turtle on Jalan Petitenget No. 886 A, Seminyak, close to the entrance of Potato Head Beach club. Just look at the photo’s above and you’ll find it ;)

Travel inspiration blogger Best breakfast Bali The Fat Turtle ©BintiHome

Travel inspiration blogger Best breakfast Bali The Fat Turtle ©BintiHome

Photography : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home Blog & Mahmoud Sherif




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  1. Oh my… red velvet pancakes?! Wil NU naar Bali. Mooie foto’s weer, goed duo zo te zien.
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