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And then I just realized I didn’t wrote a blogpost for one month. That actually never happened before but the last month so many things happened at the same time that a short blogbreak suddenly was needed. But I am back, and as mentioned in the last blogpost, completely in English!


As written in the previous blogpost I was about to leave my house in ‘de Bollenstreek’ after I lived there for 3 years. It was time for the next step. I opened my house for two days for a big home sale and wow that was a succes! With great help of my mom and Naomi (Naokies). A lot of followers came to my house and it was so cool to see what they all bought. And at the end I received a lot of photo’s of my products styled in their new home. It feels good to start with something new. But ofcourse, we didn’t sold everything and still we had to move a lot of stuff to a big storage box. Because we will take them with us to our next Dutch home. And then the end of february we said bye to this pretty white house.

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After the moving we stayed for two weeks in Haarlem and I can honestly say that we have felt in love with this city. History and nature combined with the cozyness of a village but big enough to discover a lot of nice restaurants and stores ( oops!). Mahmoud and me has spend a lot of time outside, having breakfast and dinner at different places and we start dreaming about living here. What if we could find our new home in Haarlem?

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And while we were dreaming about our new home in Haarlem one of our biggest dreams came true. The celebration of the wedding of Mahmoud and me, together with my Dutch family and friends. The location was amazing in the middle of the Dutch flowerfields. It was a memorable special day with all our (Dutch) beloved ones on our sides. I know that you’re curious for the weddingphoto’s and ofcourse we will share them here on the blog as soon as I got them from our amazing photographer. Also I will share my stylingtips for the wedding decoration! The styling is done together with Naomi and Sanne.

Together with Mahmoud, my husband ( wow sounds so good!) we worked hard and achieved what we wished for the last months. After the 3 months of hard work on Our Cairo Home we had to ‘start’ over again but then with leaving a house. But we did it and it feels so good to start with this new journey, together.

( Photo’s by sweet friend Sanne Bannink )

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So we’re back in Cairo now, enjoying Our Cairo Home. The final episode will be online tomorrow! I love being in this house and it really already feels like home. We’re preparing our Egyptian wedding now before we will go on our honeymoon. Sometimes I can’t believe this is all happening right now but I am so thankful!

So what’s the plan? Ofcourse continuing with the blog. I have a bunch of new photo’s to share of our new home and I hope it will give you again inspiration for your own home. Also I will share personal stories about living and working between two countries. If you have any questions, nice topics or collaborations. Please contact me any time.

See you hopefully in the next blog!

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Photography : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home