Moving home new life new light ©BintiHome

And the moment is there, in just two weeks I will move from this house! It’s time for a new step and how beautiful this quote of Flexa fits these thoughts : ‘Life in a new light’

Moving to another home

It’s a little bit strange days, I feel a bit restless because so many things need to be done but also the curiosity of what’s coming next. We’re leaving this house in the Bollenstreek, the house where I moved in around 3 years ago. The house what gives me so much joy and where I really created a home. The house where I can say I made some big steps for my company Binti Home. In this house I could really develop my style and grow as a stylist and entrepreneur. The last days I wanted to make some photo’s of the house for some new blogposts and then I realized, I think it’s oke. I shared so many photo’s of my home the last years on this blog but also on instagram. And it’s amazing to see how many shares, likes and requests I got because of these photo’s. I am so thankful that I could live in this pretty house in the middle of the country side and it will always have a special place in my heart.

Moving home new life new light ©BintiHome-4

What’s next? Moving to where?

So what’s next? Since my last personal blogpost about these new ideas for 2017 I still got the same question many times. ”Are you going to move to Egypt”? The answer is ”Yes” and ”No”. We will not leave Holland because it’s simply my country what I love, where I have a lot of family and friends and also the base for Binti Home. As far as it’s possible we will travel between Holland and Egypt and work and live between these two countries. We’re both believers of life and love to live the life how it will be given to us. So it’s kind of a surprise what will happen in the future but I always trust on my feelings. For now we haven’t found another house here in Holland yet. In march we will go back to Egypt for our weddingparty ( yeey!) and honeymoon. And then we will be back in Holland and moving to a new house here and start working again on great projects. I can’t wait to create a new home together with Mahmoud. But I also can’t wait to enjoy our Cairo Home together. I can honestly say : I am blessed and ready for everything to come! So keep on following Binti Home here on the blog and instagram to stay up to date for more home and travel stories!

Sidenote : If you have a beautiful house you want to rent out to a caring stylist and a gorgeous filmmaker… Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re more than excited to create a new home somewhere in the Netherlands and we will take care of it with all our heart! <3 :) But beware, we love to paint walls and to make a lot of photo’s! ;)

Moving home new life new light ©BintiHome-4


Another kind of big descision I have made this last week is that I will change my blog completely in English. I have seriously been thinking about this for the last couple of months. As I am getting a lot of followers from abroad I knew I needed to start writing in English too. And I was working on a translation tool that my whole blog can be read in Dutch ánd English too. But as life goes so fast and every week is different I realized that this is simply not possible. I am not a fulltime blogger but every post I write I write that with all my heart. But I simply can’t write every single post in two languages ánd even translate all the previous blogposts. And I started to talk English in my newest video’s ( Our Cairo Home series ) on my Youtube channel so the next step is English on the blog too.

For those who don’t like it, I hope you understand. For those who couldn’t read the Dutch posts, keep on following because from now on it’s in English!

Thank you so much for following and hope to see you again in the next blogpost.