My morning ritual at home – But first coffee!

morning ritual Coffee Addict Nespresso Egypt Cairo ©BintiHome-5

I have a question for those who are working from home. Are you the type of wearing your comfortable relax ”pyjama” outfit all day with a bun on your head? Or do you like to wear your clothes and make yourself ready like you have a meeting any moment? The type I am…? Find out in this post about my morning ritual.

morningritual Coffee Addict Nespresso Egypt Cairo ©BintiHome

My morning ritual

Most of the time I am the second type. I like to wear my clothes, do my make up and make myself ready like I will go out any moment. With this morning ritual I feel productive. Somehow more productive than when I am wearing just my comfort clothes. And go from sleep mode to work mode. I need to start my day in a good way. And I always do that with wearing my clothes ánd coffee.

I am one of those many people who realizes suddenly that she’s a kind of addicted to coffee. I found out when I got a headache around 1pm and realized I didn’t drink coffee. So that could definately be the reason of it. And actually I don’t mind, I just love coffee in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. And no this is not an advertising for coffee haha this is just my morning ritual.

morning ritual Coffee Addict Nespresso Egypt Cairo ©BintiHome

morning ritual Coffee Addict Nespresso Egypt Cairo ©BintiHome

Found my favorite spot already!

Right here, in the corner of the sofa is already my favorite spot of the house! Start the morning with a coffee while able to see the whole livingroom. Watching our favorite series on Netflix ( I don’t like the 1-season series because I don’t want to wait for the next season haha). And having talks with my love. Funny enough I thought this would be his favourite spot. But somehow since we start living in this house I am sitting in this corner.

As many of you might know I just love cushions on the sofa. I can’t get enough of them. Here in the corner I put the cushions from Etsy, Butterflies from Inca & Co, mint Floyd from Fest Amsterdam, and the linen camel one ( unfortunatelly out of stock). The plaid I bought at Hema. I love the white sofa because it’s the perfect background for this cushion colour palette.

morning ritual Coffee Addict Nespresso Egypt Cairo ©BintiHome

morning ritual Coffee Addict Nespresso Egypt Cairo ©BintiHome

Morning ritual – all day on the sofa?

Haha ofcourse I don’t spend all the time on the sofa. Although I am writing this blogpost on the sofa now I prefer to work in the home office. And I always start with my e-mail. I made a huge change with that since last summer. While I was on holiday with Naomi to Valencia I decided to completely delete my Binti e-mail from my phone. Just to have a break. And since that moment I never installed it on the phone again. It simply gives me some rest and I read the e-mail when I am really working at the computer an not on my phone during other projects or while having dinner with friends.

It’s funny how my way of working changed through the last years. From a nonstop work-aholic I have found more balance in my life now and I hope I can continue like this. For everyone who’s running a business, it will take some time. But I believe that hard work always gives you back what you want at the end.

Wish you a wonderful start of the week!

morning ritual Coffee Addict Nespresso Egypt Cairo ©BintiHome

‘I have a question for those who are working from home :  Are you the type of wearing your comfortable relax ”pyjama” outfit all day with a bun on your head? Or do you like to wear your clothes and make yourself ready like you have a meeting any moment?”

Coffee Addict Nespresso Egypt ©BintiHome-5

Photo’s by : Mahmoud Sherif & Souraya Hassan





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  1. We follow the same rule. Coffee first!
    As a freelance creative designer, photographer, webdesigner and illustrator i mostly work from my home-office. I spend the last year making and organizing the office to my standards. It has a fresh and modern scandinavian look, combined with wooden elements. Such as my computertable and illustratiom table.
    My espressomachine is not located in my office but downstairs in the kitchen where i made a small coffeecorner. And yes, im am the type that grinds his own coffee ;) The photo of the heartshaped coffeebeans is ony of my own photoproductions ( )
    Im the type that wears casual clothes that are allowed to become dirty, being creative means that i sometimes get paintsplatters on my clothes during the process. When im not designing on the computer i’m mostly painting and illustrating (with ink, watercolor or acryllic-paint) for myself or clients.
    Last year i started my new illustration-project. I wanted to illustrate watercolor maps of every country i visited the last 15 years. This idea resulted in the making of creative hand-illustrated and digital-designed worldmaps, countrymaps and citymaps for every type of interior. In the beginning of this year i launched my the new webshop where i sell my creative maps as prints that are available on 7 different materials such as Canvas, Wood, Steel, Aluminium, Xpozer, Wallpaper and Poster.
    You can visit my colorful webshop at

    Greetings from Ricardo Bouman
    Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

  2. Our morning routines are similar! I am definitely a “comfy blogger”, but I still pick out a “cute comfy” outfit so that I’m not totally bumming! I wash my face, chug water, pick up my apartment, put the Today show on as background noise, and then FINALLY drink my coffee while I either blog or read other blogs (I am actually doing all of these things right now, ha!).
    Thanks for sharing your routine!
    XX -KK

  3. Hi! I don’t have a ritual, every day is different and my productivity doesn’t depend on the clothes I am wearing but on my mood. Sometimes I am more productive wearing pajama that I even forget to eat (that’s how focused I get) but than sometimes I really feel that I need to get dressed and go out for a walk before I start working on projects. I rarely meet my clients since I am an artist and my clients are usually contacting me online. Happy to show you my work but I am still building my website
    Have a great week!

  4. Hi Souraya! I Work at my home too but I usually do things to make me feel like I work outside… like having my own workspace at home, using profesional -but almost comfy as posible- clothes or taking a break to enjoy a capuccino at my favorite coffeshop.
    Thanks for sharing your morning rules! I love to real how other bloggers spend their worktime!

    Have a nice day! :)

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