Modern and etnic home in the Netherlands

Yesterday it was 5 december, the day where a lot of Dutch families celebrates Sinterklaas, a real Dutch tradition. Some months ago I’ve photographed the beautiful bright House from Mieke and her two daughters in Hengelo. The publication was last week in Flair magazine so we’ve done a little bit of Sinterklaas styling. I think the girls loved it, especially the part where they can eat the chocolate letter with their own initials. Mieke restyled this old home with her own ideas. She has chosen another floor, paint everything white, put a modern fireplace and style this house with gorgeous products. The products are a mix from modern, vintage and ethnic influences. I  think this house has a calm and modern atmosphere, a great place to live. I just love the style and personality from Mieke and this definately reflects her home as well. Thank you Mieke, Brechtje and Anna for this lovely day. Here you can see the publication. Also take a look on Mieke’s blog Huis en grietjes.

 Photography : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home

6 reacties

  1. Mooi licht! Pracht reportage.

  2. Zo mooi! Alles klopt. Veel Wit koper hout en toefjes groen/geel. Echt heel mooi en rustig.

  3. These pictures are great, such a nice home….

  4. Prachtige binnenkijker, ken haar blog maar zo krijg je toch een ander beeld!
    Mooi gedaan Souraya!

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