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Souraya Hassan owner of studio Binti Home

Nice to have you here! This is my personal blog where I share with you (almost ;) ) everything about my life, my home and my career. Sharing my passion about interior, styling and colour with only my own photography.  On this blog I take you with my in my creative life an interior designer, stylist and interior photographer. Here you find a mix of completed (interior) projects, do it yourself stylingtips and much inspiration for your home.

“I want to inspire people to look differently at colors and styling, and how you can translate this into your own interior”


  • Souraya Hassan
  • 28 years
  • Half Dutch / Half Egyptian
  • Born in Leiden
  • Interiorstylist, blogger, photographer & designer
  • In love with her husband Mahmoud
  • Loves Coffee, music, travelling and colours
  • especially ocher yellow and greens
  • Ambitious, dreamer, perfectionist

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Binti Home design studio

In 2009 I started my business Binti Home after I graduated from Artemis Styling Academy in Amsterdam. I started as a freelancer working on various creative projects in the field of event styling, brand styling, interior design and decorating homes. Since 2009 I work full time in my company Binti Home. It still feels like the best decision I have ever made. Because during those years I was able to work on amazing projects, visit beautiful places and meet inspiring people.

Denim Drift Flexa bloggerkamer styling vtwonen en designbeurs ©BintiHome

Creating color palettes is something I work with in every project. Working closely with inspiring clients and enthusiastic customers gives me lots of energy. It is every time a good feeling when in the final result everything comes together : the personal needs and preferences and creating a suitable interior or space. It’s so nice to work on all these creative projects I really do what makes me happy : styling, (interior) design and create a balance in color, style and material.

”My dream is to be able to set up a complete interior concept for a hotel on a day”

Background Souraya Hassan

As a 28year old entrepreneur I get inspired by colour, history, details and travelling. I am married with my big love Mahmoud and together we can work on different photography and video projects. Binti is the Arabic word for “my daughter / my girl.” This word is close to me and it reflects the individuality and personality of what I want to show with Binti Home. This personality is a cultural mix of my Egyptian and my Dutch background. The name reflects the vision studio Binti Home stands for:

”A clear atmosphere and styling design for a room or interior that radiates warmth and a feeling of recognition which are designed for the needs and identity of the client or customer. Personality and identity is the key in every project.”

My strength is to listen carefully to the customer or client and to translate this into an atmosphere in which they recognize themselves. This atmosphere is created by the right color – material – and making style combinations. I am very proud that I have been able to work on so many great projects with my company Binti Home.

travel and hotspots - bali honeymoon travel

Working in Holland and Egypt

Since 1,5 year I work on several projects in Cairo, what is really a dream coming true. This I have to admit, really comes because of social media. Getting connected with the creative fiedl here in Egypt shows so many opportunities. I have designed my own products together with local craftsmen thinking about the Olla vases, Kelim ( in development ) and cushions. I also work with new designers, I buy products for Binti Home shop. I’m also getting in touch with creatives in Egypt and did some photoshoots for them. Beside fotoshoots I also worked on interiordesign projects. Because craeting a good atmosphere for a home or brand set can be done everywhere in the world!

”The opportunity to work in the Netherlands and Egypt and combine my passion is a dream come true!”

Souraya Hassan glasblazers Egypte Vtwonen publicatie interview Souraya Hassan Binti Home ©BintiHome

Binti Home Blog

My blog is a kind of creative diary that makes me happy. Where the blog started out as something to share my inspiration it has now become a serious part of my business. I post on my blog only my own photography which I try to create unique content. I share styling tips from my house, give a look behind the scenes during projects, largely the result of (interior) projects. Also I take you to inspiring shops, restaurants and the trips I make. My blog really reflects who I am and what I stand for. Living and working in my two home countries, Holland and Egypt.

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If you have questions, suggestions or just want to say hi? You can always email me at blog [@] binti-home.nl or leaving a comment at a blog post.

With love,

Souraya Hassan

Brick wall Yoghurt Barn Haarlem Culture Love Nomads ©BintiHome

Look inside : Living in two countries
Do you want to take a look inside my previous home in Holland and our new Cairo Home? That’s possible in this XL home tour video which I made for my youtube channel. Subscribe to stay up to date for new styling video’s and travel vlogs!

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