Mijn projecten

Binti Home Studio

With my business Binti Home studio I love to create an atmosphere with the right combination of color, material and style. With a clear crisp yet warm style I’m working on various projects, such as interiordesign and complete furnishing residential and business clients. I make a complete interior design that allows the customer to start work but may also be involved in the realization of the design, thinking of the coordination of the renovation and the actual supply and design of the furniture and accessories for the device.

    “Creating atmosphere and finding the right balance of color, material and style is the most important factor in any project”

Also working on projects to make a brand visual is something I like to do. Think about coming up with a concept for branded content (online) but also shopping, styling and photography for a brand photoshoot. This content can be applied to the website, catalog, social media or in magazines.

Styling is also reflected in the event projects I do. I like to design an appropriate presentation for a brand during press days or events. This event styling and decoration projects are always so much fun. Both the design, coordination and implementation can be done by me.

Are you interested in a collaboration? Do you want me to design your home? Or do you want your brand to give a wow factor on the next event? Just contact me and let’s see what the possibilties are!