Sequoia restaurant, Zamalek Cairo ©BintiHome

My favorite spot in Cairo? Definately Sequoia. While overlooking the Nile you can enjoy some delicious Oriental breakfast in the weekends and have some fresh juice. I always take guava, yes that’s a good start of the weekend!

Sequoia restaurant

This might be a little bit a sunny picture for this time of the year, but when I feel the sunshine on my face today it made me remember of a place called Sequoia. Some weeks ago I was in Egypt and having a good time with some friends. In december it’s a bit cold in Egypt, but you can’t compare this to the Netherlands. We wen’t to a really nice neighbourhood in Cairo called Zamelek where you can find the beautiful buildings of the old embassies, inspiring shops, creative artists and gorgeous restaurants next to the Nile. This time we went to Sequoia again, a really nice restaurant with good food and beautiful view over the Nile.

I love the design of the restaurant, what they did with the tiles in the tables, the wooden planters and the coloured shutters on the wall and bar. It’s like having a drink in a big bedouin tent. If you’re in Cairo one day you definately has to visit this place. 

Colourful shutters

Wish to have at home, these colourful shutters. They are called ‘shish’ in arabic and we have them in our new bedroom too. Check out the make-over here! We have painted them white, they were origin orange/red. But in these pretty bright colours they look also great. Also nice inspiration for the garden right? To cover a whole wall with it. Or maybe as a headboard for your bed? Yes, the interior of Sequoia looks amazing yet so inspiring! Don’t you think?

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Photo made with Iphone

Photo made with Iphone












You can visit Sequoia here : 53 Abou El Feda St., Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt 11211 

Photography : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home