Interior Crush for woven bamboo baskets

Interior crush woven bamboo baskets bintihomeblog

I got this huge crush for Woven bamboo baskets! I suddenly realised I have them all over my home. Time to share some woven bamboo baskets inspiration with you + shopping links!

Woven bamboo baskets

I thought it was time to start with this new topic on my blog ‘Interior Crush’. As a real interior lover I have a lot of ‘crushes‘. Is that a word? haha. Beside that I love to make moodboards, so why not combine those two? I am some how a collector. And sometimes even when I don’t realize it. So that happened today. I was thinking about new topics for the blog and I thought it was nice to share what I really love. What I love? Well probably if you follow my blog for a while you know I love the colour ocher, and camel. But also plants, pure materials and the colour mint.

And because I want to combine this ‘Crush post’ with some shopping links I looked around. So then I start to realize that I have a basket in a lot of corners. Beside the tv and next to my butterly chair. But also in front of the glass wall from the office. And all of them are made of bamboo, seems like a coincidence?

A basket for storage or display?

I use these baskets in different ways. They already look so pretty because of the pure bamboo material. It’s al handmade in Bali, Bangladesh and Taiwan. That’s actually what I like about them. It’s not from a factory but real artisians made those baskets with their ambition to make something pretty. Well they definately do so! I use these woven bamboo baskets mostly for storage. It’s the perfect storage spot for magazines. Because of the wide shape you can still see the different covers therefore it makes it even looks nice together. But also wooll and small interior accessoiries can be storaged in here.

I also have this small woven ‘bowl’ from South-Africa where we put our small daily stuff in. Think about keys, usb sticks, wallet, sunglasses etc. I don’t like them to be all over the place. So why not collect them in a pretty basket or bowl? ;) Below you can find your inspiration for the woven bamboo baskets and all the shop links you can find below!

And please, let me know what you think of this new topic. What’s the next Interior Crush you want to read about?

Interior crush woven bamboo baskets bintihomeblog ©BintiHome

Shop the look

  1. Bamboo basket ( Bamboolastic ) – Handed by
  2. Up basket mid ( trend collection) – Handed By
  3. Tine K Home basket
  4. Woven bowl South Africa – Etsy
  5. Bamboo basket with cover – Bloomingville
  6. Medium woven bamboo basket – H&M Home
  7. Ment bamboo Basket – LaForma
  8. Basket Bali turquoise – Couleur Locale
  9. Eyelash Fringed Catchall – Anthropologie

Photography + moodboard : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home

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[ The picture with the green trolley I have photographed in the pretty home of Sabrina ]


5 reacties

  1. Wat een prachtige mandjes! Vooral de bamboo en de geweven uit Africa zijn mijn favoriet!!
    gr, Nikki

  2. Zo grappig dat een paar jaar geleden bamboo mandjes nog helemaal uit waren en nu weer in! Ik verf de mijne altijd met streepjes, zo heerlijk lichtgewicht zijn ze!

  3. Wat een leuk idee, ze hebben ook zo’n zachte kleur.

  4. Mandjes om dingen in te bewaren zijn tegenwoordig echt hét item dat je in huis moet hebben! Ik heb verschillende mandjes, eentje in de badkamer, eentje om dekentjes in te bewaren (want wie heeft nu ooit genoeg dekentjes?). Als deze mandjes dan ook nog eens mooi zijn en bij je interieur passen, heb je de jackpot vast!

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