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Wow, I got so many nice comments about the reveal of our new home. I shared the 6th and last episode of Our Cairo Home series last week and the comments are so sweet. Also on instagram the support is amazing, thank you so much for that. It gives so much positive energy! So I think it’s time now to start sharing the before and after photo’s from our Home Renovation starting with the livingroom!

Home Renovation

What I always like about a renovation or restyling is the before and after photo’s. During the proces you already see the changes in front of your eyes. But seeing the before and after photo’s really shows you what a big progress you made. And that’s exactly what I feel after seeing these photo’s, the progress with a time range of just 3 months! I remember that when I walked into this house for the first time I already loved the bright open space with many windows and the light walls. But after a closer look we decided we want to make the space even more brighter.

That’s why we litterly changed everything in the house except the layout. And that’s honestly also what I liked the most about my job as an interiordesigner or stylist. I am not really a type of big renovations where you start really from scratch and remove walls but I love to work with excisting spaces. And especially because I am able to show how you can change the whole look of the house with the right decisions for the colours, materials and decoration.

Home Renovation before and after Our Cairo Home living room ©BintiHome

Jotun colours for our home

Before we started with the Home Renovation I already knew I wanted to work with Jotun Egypt. Focussing on paint was one of the first thing I did because colour is extremely important in the house. Actually when we started with the house everything was already painted and finished. But we wanted to make all the soft pink / soft beige walls more fresh and choose to paint all the walls Classic White 9918. It gives the space such a fresh and brighter look as it was before.

And then it was time to add more colours to the room. We have chosen for Minty Breeze 7163 for the wall behind the television. It’s the first wall you see when you enter the house but because of the soft greyish tone in this colour it easily flowing with the rest of the colours in the house. Also the brown yellow tones of the kitchen matches so well!

For the office I love to work with green for an inspiring and fresh feel, we choose for Pale Green 8478. In the office we also have the Lady Design Brick Wall in white. More about that later!

Home Renovation before after Our Cairo Home livingroom ©BintiHome

Balanced livingroom

What I mostly love about our new house is that it really feels like home. The balance between the cool & warm colours, the Scandinavian and Egyptian style and also the balance between our preferences make this Home Renovation a succes for us. The sitting area is my favourite spot because it’s so cozy. I especially put the sofa in the middle of the room instead of against the wall. It gives the space a intimate and cozy feel. Also the fact that we somehow have different seperate areas like the sitting area, the dining area, kitchen and the home office. But still it’s all connected because we simply worked with one colour palette. Read more about that colour palette here.

Home Renovation before and after Our Cairo Home home office ©BintiHome

” Do you have any specific questions about the Home Renovation? Just let me know!”

Home Renovation before and after Our Cairo Home livingroom ©BintiHome

Ofcourse I am going to share many more photo’s soon and also what I did in every corner. Think about tips for colours, products or how you can style a corner in the livingroom.  Do you have any specific questions regarding the Home Renovation? Just let me know! I will answer them in one of the next blogs. Thank you for reading my blog again, wish you a wonderful sunday!

Home Renovation before and after Our Cairo Home living ©BintiHome

I can’t wait to write a blog about our kitchen! We did some great but budget solutions. I hope it can inspire you too to create a pretty personal kitchen!

Shop our style :
Sofa – Ikea
Coffee tables – Zuiver
Hanging lamp livingroom – Khan el Khalili bazar
Rug – Karwei
Pouf – The Souks
Tv ‘Besta’ cabinets – Ikea
Mint throw – Malagoon Living
Lighting ‘Bright’ kitchen – Karwei
Barstools – Khan el Khalili
Tiles wall kitchen – Mazloum
Dining table ‘Möckelby’ – Ikea
Chairs from Khan el Khalili painted in Minty Breeze by Jotun
Handed by plant baskets
Industrial lamp ‘Milou’ above table – Karwei
Photo wall decoration – Ixxi

Home Renovation before and after Our Cairo Home kitchen ©BintiHome

photo’s : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home Blog