3x grey sofa styling tips + 10% discount!

Grey sofa styling tips XL Hometour binnenkijken bij Binti Home ©BintiHome

Looking for a grey sofa? Here I share some grey sofa styling tips with you. Since our friends of Fest Amsterdam have this really nice discount offer I thought let’s share some inspiration about this grey Edge sofa.

Grey Sofa styling tips

I think that this photo above is one of my most pinned photo’s ever on Pinterest. It’s the photo of the Edge sofa in the livingroom of my previous home. I still receive a lot of questions about this sofa and the other products on the photo. So I thought it’s time to write a blogpost especially about this pretty grey one. I have this sofa now for 3 years and it’s still pretty. Currently it’s in my moms home because we moved from our Dutch Home. ( Thanks mom! :-) )And I didn’t want to leave the sofa at the storage company.

Since we’re looking for a new home I know my favorite Edge sofa will find it’s new home very soon. Can’t wait to start styling again. Because this sofa is simply amazing and here I share 3 grey sofa styling tips . Probably these tips will makes you consider to go for a grey sofa. Let me know!

Oh and if that’s even not enough, untill the 15th of june 2017 you can shop this sofa ( and others ) with 10% discount! You can order the sofa directly at Fest Amsterdam or send me an e-mail so I can help you out.

Grey sofa styling XL Hometour binnenkijken bij Binti Home ©BintiHome

1. Grey sofa styling tips : good colour to combine with other colours

Although we have a white sofa now in Our Cairo Home I still believe grey is one of the best colours for a sofa. For mine I choose the Sydney 96. It’s easy to blend in with other colours and suitable in every interior style. Below you see some examples of how to combine the grey sofa. Started with the pastel tones, the soft blue and pinks easily blend in with the grey. Together it gives a balanced and cozy look.

If you’re looking for more contrast you can choose more darker colours such as dark blue. Combine this with other greyish colours and a touch of copper / brass and you have a Vintage style. Looking for more colourful look? Create a colourpalette consisting of 2 basic colours and 3 accentcolours. They grey colour is one of the 2 basic colours. And then add a mix of cushions and plaids on the sofa consisting these colours. Like what I did with my sofa.

I guess I was right with this first tip? The grey colour is so easy to combine with other colours!

Fest Amsterdam Edge grey sofa styling tips home decor idea ©BintiHome

Fest Amsterdam Edge grey sofa home decor idea ©BintiHome

Grey sofa styling Edge Fest Amsterdam vintage style ©BintiHome

2. Easy to fit in every living room

With it’s 256cm width this Edge sofa is big enough to enjoy some relaxed nights with the family. Or when you’re having a Netflix evening alone it’s very comfortable too. What I noticed is that the sofa easily fits in every interior. What I mean with that? Well the living room of my previous home was kind of big and long. I decided to put the sofa in the middle of the living room instead of with the back against the wall. In this way I create a seperate living room area but it still connects with the rest of the room. The sofa ‘breaks’ the room in two what makes the sofa fit in easy in this bigger space.

But also in a more narrow room it fits. Remember that amazing interiorproject in Haarlem? This is a 30’s house and they are know about their narrow livingrooms. So here we decided ofcourse to put the sofa against the wall, but because of it’s bright grey colour and easy shape it still fits in perfectly. And also here I combined a mix of cushions on the sofa. Not the same colour palette as my home. For this client I choose for more focus on mint and neutral tones. What do you think?

XL Hometour binnenkijken woonkamer inrichten ©BintiHome

grey sofa styling tips interieurontwerp Jaren 30 woning Woonkamer makeover Haarlem ©BintiHome

3. Comfort and easy to clean

I wrote here before that I always look at the ‘looks’ first before I consider the quality. Well actually this Edge sofa has a good quality/looks ánd price balance. When you buy a sofa there are different things probably goes through your mind. How does the sofa sit? And what about the comfort? What kind of fabric will I choose for the sofa? The measurments, will it fit in the living room? All these questions can easy be answered by the one who helps you to actually buy the sofa.

I can say that this grey fabric ( Sydney 96) is still a very good choice. Why? Because it’s easy to clean. You can buy some extra protection spray to protect your sofa against spots. That’s already a big plus. But also the colour makes sure you don’t see the actual spots if they will be there for some reason. And beside that the sit comfort is great. For me it’s always ‘dangerous’ to sit on this sofa because I know I will not leave this spot for at least a few hours. And that makes this sofa perfect for our home!

Ps.If you rent out your house or you know any nice house for rent between Amsterdam & The Hague, let us know :)

Grey sofa styling tips Woonkamer inrichten kleur vlak boven de wand jaren 30 woning Haarlem ©BintiHome

So what you do you think about my 3 grey sofa styling tips? Do you agree with me? I am very curious about your ideas for sofa’s and how you would combine a grey one in your home.

And, if you’re looking for a sofa than don’t forget that this is the right moment. 10% discount untill 15th of june 2017. For more conditions you can check out the website of Fest Amsterdam

Styling and photography : Souraya Hassan

















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