Do it yourself stylingtips

Most of all what I like to share on this website is inspiration for your home. I get inspired by  beautiful colourpalettes. This can be in a home I have photographed for a magazine, an interior of a fancy restaurant or a interiorproject I have finished. It’s all about the balance in a space ( and photo) and how this can inspires you to work on your own home.

Do It Yourself stylingtips (DIY)

Allthough I really like to create personal interiordesigns and make homes beautiful. I also like to inspire people with photo’s and tips from my own home or homes I have photographed. I call this Do it yourself stylingtips, because creating a beautiful styling setting you can easily do yourself! But how? Choosing the right colours, finding the best products for your home or change some furniture around. I can help you with that, with an interiordesign/advice or get inspired on this blog! Read more here

do it yourself stylingtips

Stylingvideo’s en vlogs

Since 1,5year I just love to make video’s. Travelvlogs from Valencia, London and Cairo, but also stylingtips from my home and Our Cairo Home renovation series. I love to think about the concept for the video and work this out in the best way. I do the styling, filming and editing mostly myself. And now and then I got help from my husband who is a film maker and director too ( lucky me!). I create content video’s for brands and companies and inspiration video’s for my own Youtube channel. Subscribe to stay up to date for the new video’s. All the video’s you can find here.

If you are a brand or store and want a content video for your website and share this on the blog too? Everything is possible because I create custom made video concepts. Just contact me and we can see what the possibilities are.


Interior inspiration

I have photographed a lot of homestories or hometours for magazines like Vtwonen, Flair, Couch (Germany), The Simple Things and RUM. Because I photograph every room in these homes I love to share all that interior inspiration here on the blog too. And that’s what you can find here, with even the categories divided by each room in the house too. Get inspired!