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Sometimes I got the question how I create a Ethnic bohemian interior style in my home but still balanced with the Scandinavian modern look. In this blogpost I will tell you how to create this ethnic look with 3 stylingtips!

1. Ethnic Bohemian interior style : Local handmade products

One of the important things to create this ethnical bohemian interior style at home is to work with local handmade products. I am a big fan of sourching around for the actual makers of a product during a citytrip. Remember the cactus I brought with me from Valencia? It was localy handmade and a wellknown product source for that area of Valencia. And also here in Cairo I love to go to the makers themself. Thinking about the pottery workshop at Fayoum or Old Cairo where I got this bigger version of the traditional Olla karafe. But also the glassblowers who are making my Olla vases of recycled glass which I sell in my online shop.

But ofcourse it’s not always that easy to find the source yourself. That’s why it’s also good that there are many nice brands who do the work for you ;) and come up with a beautiful collection. For example I love this new walldecoration in my home. The details of this wooden palmtree wallhanger are amazing. And the beautiful thing is that it’s handmade by families in Bali.

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2. Pure materials and plants

The best materials to work with for this ethnic bohemian interior style are natural pure materials. Thinking about wood, pottery and textiles. And for the walls I think a matte finish looks the best. Our wall has the colour Minty Breeze from Jotun. I love products in their most purity material. The small rug on the floor is made from sheepwool and it’s even still a bit fluffy, I brought it from the country side. And also the Olla karafe is directly from the oven before the patterns are took out by hand. For the round alluminium tray I am actually thinking to add something like a pattern with paint. A nice DIY for later ;). The pretty bamboo basket is handwoven in Vietnam. I use it now to storage magazines. Want to know more about the weaver?

And ofcourse plants are an addition that can be missed. But you know me already that I think plants are always a must have for any interior. It doesn’t matter what style you’re going for. But ofcourse you can think about the right type of plants to match the style you want to create. So for this bohemian style I think about tropical plants, succulents and cacti.

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3. Woven products and ‘oriental’ patterns

The inspiration for the ethnic bohemian interior style comes mainly for the Middle east/ Asia but also South Africa. I believe the main source is the purity of the materials and the local handmade products. What you see a lot in these cultures are woven items, thinking about woven baskets and woven rugs. The patterns are mostly inspired by Islamic Art, tribal art or other historical influences. I mostly love the triangle and square patterns creating a really bohemian look together. So this Jamini cushion made in India has a pretty bohemian look but still chic with the dark blue tassels. I always love to search for a mi

I am very curious if you think these 3 styling tips are value to create this style at home. Do you have any other tips? Share it with us below this blogpost. Wish you a lovely day!

How to create bohemian interior style at home ©BintiHome

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Styling and photography : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home