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The sun is shining and the summer is almost here. So it’s time to restyle our garden, balcony or rooftop and make them summerproof! My favorite style for the garden is bohemian. I think we can call it a big trend. A lot of plants for an urban jungle mixed with morrocan mattress cushions, woven baskets and many pillows.

Bohemian garden with a Morrocan style

I styled and photographed this outdoor bohemian garden on a rooftop in Cairo. It’s inspired by the Morrocan terraces with a lot of mattress pillows and a mix of prints and textures. This photoshoot I did for Marguchi, a brand here in Egypt. I had so much fun with creating this space and it also inspires me to style my own rooftop terrace here. There are ofcourse different ways to create a lounge bench or sofa. You can buy them ready made or you can do it yourself with for example concrete. Pour the concrete into a mold or work with blocks. After you can paint it in any nice colour. This is the perfect base for a lounge area on your bohemian garden. You can ofcourse also work with pallets or wood. Add some big pillows or mattres cushions and voila your done!

Urban Jungle plants Rooftop bohemian garden styling ideas ©BintiHomeBlog

Urban Jungle on the terrace

Another ingredient for a bohemian garden is ofcourse : plants. And for this style I prefer the tropical ones, big and small combined with cacti and succulents. I love to mix and match them with different pots and materials. In this way you really create that bohemian look. Think about concrete, woven baskets, terra pots and maybe some iron. Beside that you can put the big plants on the floor. Or, like we did here, put an arrangement of big and small plants in the corner of the sofa / bench. In this way you create a real urban jungle! Add some small succulents and cacti in coloured or white pots on the table. Also here you can play with a various of materials and colours. I think it works in this outdoor theme!

Morrocan decoration bohemian garden styling ideas ©BintiHomeBlog

Rooftop bohemian garden styling ideas bench with cushions ©BintiHomeBlog

Morrocan decorating bohemian garden styling ideas ©BintiHomeBlog

Morrocan table for in the garden

The Morrocan tables are amazing. I used to sell them in my online shop but at the moment I don’t have them on stock. But when I do, I will let you know! But if you google the morrocan wooden tables you can find them at different (online) shops and also on etsy. I think this one we use for the shoot totaly fits in this bohemian garden trend. The original wooden legs and tray makes it even more authentic. The tables are available in different sizes so also for a small balcony or patio it will be a good solution. Fill the table with decoration, a nice carafe and some plants. The tajines are always a favorite styling object for me. The ones I had weren’t even for cooking hihi. It’s nice to display some olives or cheese in it will having an outdoor roof party ;).

Morrocan table bohemian garden styling ideas ©BintiHomeBlog

Morrocan pillow for bohemian garden styling ideas ©BintiHomeBlog

Morrocan pillow for bohemian garden styling ideas ©BintiHomeBlog

So what do you think of this roof? Do you have enough inspiration to create your own bohemian garden at home? Do share some photo’s on facebook or instagram or leave a comment. I am curious about your garden, balcony or rooftop! :)

All the products in this shoot are from PopUp Shop and Marguchi.

Morrocan pillow for bohemian garden styling ideas ©BintiHomeBlog

Styling and photography : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home