Back home after an inspiring honeymoon

Honeymoon Souvenirs from bali handmade for home ©BintiHome-4

We’re back! Back in Our Cairo Home. For those who are following me on instagram know that I was on honeymoon.
After Our Cairo Home renovation journey, the moving from the house in Holland and two (!) weddings, one in Holland and one here in Cairo, we were more than happy to be able to enjoy our time together and relax. Mahmoud and me both have never been to Asia before. So it was a new experience to travel all the way to Indonesia, Bali to be more specific.

Honeymoon in Bali

A relax trip to Bali was definately what we needed. The last months have been some kind of a rollercoaster with beautiful moments and also some sad moments. All we feel was that family love is so important. After our wedding in Cairo all we wanted is to travel to a new destination. To be together, to relax and to enjoy a new culture. And we did, wow Bali is in one word – Amazing – ! For us it was the best island to spend our honeymoon on.

While searching for where to go to, we saw a lot of ‘bounty islands’ and ‘honeymoon must go’ places. But we decided to be more in a crowded place called Seminyak. All we needed was a fun place to stay where we can enjoy the beach, pool, nice stores and even more imporant good restaurants. And that’s what Seminyak was all about. We also made a trip to Ubud where we made the photo’s below. While I was completely enjoying and try to let go everything regarding work, I ofcourse brought my camera. So I made some photo’s of nice places to go to and will share our Bali experience soon on the blog in the Travel section.

Honeymoon Souvenirs from bali handmade for home ©BintiHome-2

Honeymoon memories for our home

Bali is a source of inspiration. You can find here a lot of nice stores and markets where you can buy the most amazing stuff. Almost all handmade and made of natural materials. I fell in love with the dreamcatchers right away and ofcourse we had to bring some of them home. The baskets are handmade and I bought them from an older lady. While walking in a street in Ubud I passed her home where I saw a lot of those baskets in the garden. I try to ask her where I could buy those baskets and she offered that I could buy one of hers. I did and then she gave me one extra for free. So sweet and a beautiful memory for our home.

Soon I will share more about the products I brought with me. Funny enough I already read on instagram that some of you think I didn’t buy a lot and was holding myself. I know, I could buy way more but actually I am totally happy with what I brought with me so far. Simple and subtle touches of Bali in our home will give a good balance.

Honeymoon Souvenirs from bali handmade for home ©BintiHome

What’s next?

Back to ‘normal’ life means back to work! The last months have been kind of hectic and I am excited to have more balance. I decided to focus on the blogs from now on because I have so much to share. And I love to style and photograph, it’s actually what I love to do the most.  Also I am working on a new Video format and can’t wait to share that with you too. So a lot of new content what is coming in your way. If you have any suggestions, ideas or tips for new blogposts or even columns, just let me know! I am more than thankful that you’re reading my blog and hope to see you in the next blogpost :)

Wish you a lovely saturday!

Photography : Souraya Hassan & Mahmoud Sherif




2 reacties

  1. Wat fijn dat we op Instragram mee mochten genieten van jullie mooie huwelijksreis.
    Prachtige souvenirs (ik ben verliefd op de lamp) die maken je huis een echt thuis!
    Geniet alle mooie herinneringen!

  2. Bali is such amazing honeymoon destination. Your article reminded me our honeymoon on island of gods we had booked via The Seven Holiday. Warm weather, amazing villas and rich balinese culture and warm hospitality made honeymoon so special.

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