3x how to style a white round table

A round table is a big trend these days. The round shape is perfect for a cozy dining table or coffeetable. In this blog I share 3 stylingideas for how to style a white round table!

3 Round table styling ideas ©BintiHome

I am excited to share these photo’s with you. It’s a serie of photo’s from a very nice photoshoot I did for Stek Magazine. They shared the photo’s in their last magazine edition. What I really like about this shoot is to see how a room can have total other look with the change of accessoiries and chairs. The floor, soft green wall and white table where the starting point for every styling. The white round table can be used as a diningtable or, if your lucky as a breakfast table beside your regular diningtabe. I am very curious which style of the 3 is your favorite? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Spring styling white round table ©BintiHome

*1 Round table natural styling

The first styling has a neutral look. For a bright styling you can combine the white round table with chairs in white and neutral wood. To fulfill the theme even more you can chose for open chairs. Think for example about these famous chairs in a scandinavian style. On the table I mostly worked with white, woods, glass and a touch of brass. I always like to create layers with plates. For this under plate I choose a slice of pure wood. The golden touch in the spoons and accessoires adds some warmth. The white connects all the natural tones together. It’s beautiful how the soft green color flows easy together with the colours on the table. Pretty one!

Shop the look : Cube hanglamp Dutchbone, Golden cutlery Amefa, Glass teapot Dille & Kamille, Chairs by Woonexpress

Spring styling white round table ©BintiHome

Spring styling white round table cube dutchbone ©BintiHome

3 styles for the diningroom with a round white table ©BintiHome-5


Rustic styling white round table ©BintiHome

*2 Round table rustic styling

A more rustic theme with most of all round shapes. Round leather stool, round shaped backs of the chairs and ofcourse the round table. The leather lamp from Puik art is one of my favorite items of this set. I styled the lamp before in my own home. On the table I put a big wooden tray with a collection of vases, cacti and candles in different heights. For a playful effect I added some extra decoration on the table itself. Creating layers is what I like to do the most. So also here I stacked some plates and the under plate is this time a wooden/marble serving plate.I used some wrapping paper as a placemat. One time use ofcourse ;).

Shop the look : Omg Chair Zuiver (right), Leather stool, other chairs by Woonexpress, Leather lamp Puik-art, Candles by Dille & Kamille, Carafe and glass by PuikArt, black matt cutlery

Rustic styling white round table ©BintiHome

Rustic styling white round table ©BintiHome

Rustic styling white round table ©BintiHome


3 styles for the diningroom with a round white table ©BintiHome

*3 Round table green styling

This last set is all about 50 shades of green ;). The green wall connects so well with the different green tones on the table. That’s what I liked about the styling of this round table set. I combined emerald green with moss green, with more olive green and pale green. Simply everything matches together! Some touches of white, cork and beige and voila we’re done with the fresh green table styling!

All Chairs via Woonexpres, Wooden chair (front) by Dille & Kamille, green carafe by House Doctor, dried flowers by Dille & Kamille.

fresh green 3 styles for the diningroom with a round white table ©BintiHome

3 styles for the diningroom with a round white table ©BintiHome-17

3 styles for the diningroom with a round white table ©BintiHome-17

I hope you can find some inspiration here for the styling of your table. Having guests over? Just check out these round table styling tips. Now I am very curious which one is your favorite?

Styling and photography for Stek Magazine





  1. In elke setting herken ik jouw hand maar nummer 3 is mijn favoriet, die groene levendigheid. Geweldig!
    (sorry dat in het Nederlands antwoord, gaat toch net iets vlotter bij me)

  2. Cindy Bergin

    Where can I find the green metal hanging light?

  3. Alledrie mooi!

    P.S. Het is niet “cuterly” maar “cutlery” ;-)

  4. Hard to make a choice! I like no 1 for serene atmosphere and 3 for the touch of green… if I really have to chose one I would say no 3.

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