My kelim bag

I guess you all recognized this moment. When you see something for the first time, for example on the internet, and you just need to have this product. And I mean, really need it! This happends to me when I was reading the blog about the kelimtrend at Femkeido’s blog. I just love the way she puts different inspiring images together to visualize this trend. And then, there it was… a gorgeous kelim bag! In one second I decided I really need to have this bag! So what did I do? I just clicked the link in the blogpost from Femke, hoping this will lead me directly to a shop where I can buy this bag.. but no. I was linked to a blog where a fashion blogger shows her new clothes matching this bag. From then I was just searching the internet by browsing through images and yes, there it was! 

On Ebay I’ve found my gorgeous kelimbag. Doesn’t matter where it comes from ( it was from England) I just ordered it right away and five days later I was happy to receive the package at home. So I opened it and it was as beautiful as I thought it would be. And then I saw the price tag with : Zara Accessories and I thought this looks the same as the famous Zara logo. So when I turned on the pricetag and what I thought was true, this was a Zara bag! On that moment I’ve had to smile a bit because I just could buy this bag in the Zara store nearby home. But.. I did searched on the Zara webshop and I couldn’t find this bag online, so maybe it’s still a unique one. Beside, for me it’s an unique one and I love it! :) 


Styling and Photography : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home

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