VIDEO – Final Hometour Our Cairo Home project

Final hometour Our Cairo Home

Finally I share here with you the 6th and last video of this Our Cairo Home episodes. After being in Holland for 1,5month we’re back in Our Cairo Home and the best moment to share the final result. I am very curious what you’ll think of our new home so it’s time for a hometour!

A hometour in our open living room

My favorite spot in the house is by far the livingroom and then especially the sofa. Funny enough in my previous Dutch home it was also my favourite spot. And now I think about it I put, again, the sofa in the middle of the room instead of against the wall. This is very common in a lot of houses to put the sofa against the wall but somehow I like to create a cozy sitting area and here we are! What I also love about this livingroom that everything is connected, the living, dinning area, the kitchen and the office. But still it feels like seperate rooms. Our house is new and ofcourse it has to start living from now on but I think so far we did a great job. And actually the nicest thing about a home that it grows by the years. Can’t wait to collect new memories and products for our home.

VIDEO – The final video! :(

A little bit sad, when I see the intro of this last video and realize that this video project comes to an end. I feel like this project is really our baby. We started this project with good energy and during the months we have had some ups and downs. But at the end I am so proud what we have achieved in such a short time. It really feels like home.

But as mentioned in the video, we’re not going to stop. This OurCairoHome ( renovation) project comes to an end but actually it all just start from now :D… So stay tuned for many more video’s and blogs with inspiration from our home.

For now I am very curious what you think of this hometour so feel free to leave a comment. And subscribe for my channel to stay up to date for the new video’s!

Hope to see you again in the next video. And if you have any suggestions for subjects for a video, share it with me, would love to make video’s you’re asking for!

Video hometour + edit : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home






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