A glass of Moroccan mint tea after a Ramadandiner


Yesterday I wrote a blogpost about the Moroccan Ramadantable at Laura’s home. After a delicious dinner it’s good to relax and having a glass of tea with your family and friends. I really like mint tea with fresh mint leaves together with some honey. Together with the tea it’s good to have some sweets like chocolate or cookies.I really love this mix of Moroccan tableware in this modern kitchen at Laura’s Home. The large ‘teapot’ is typical Moroccan and is called a Bered. Laura brought all the tableware from Morocco, the large blue bowl was from Laura’s grandmother. The two white square vases are a gift from Laura’s sister. Below you can find a recipe from the delicious Chocolate nougat biscuits.




This lovely gift ( including the delicious Chocolate Nougat Biscuits) I got from Laura.
It was so nice to meet Laura, and I want to thank her for her hospitality. Here you can find a recipe from this chocolate nougat biscuits. And oh, follow Laura on her Instagram: Lala_Loopsa
Recipe Chocolate Nougat biscuits
– Peanutes
– Honey
– Brown chocolate
– White chocolate
Roast the peanuts and grinding them in a food processor. Add some honey so there will be a solid sticky mixture. Get a cuttingboard or something similair and wrap this with tinfoil. Spread the mixture (peanuts and honey) over the cuttingboard. Let some milk chocolate melting au-bain-marie and spread this also over the mixture. You can add some white chocolate if you like. Put this board into the refridgerator and it’s done. Besaha!
Recept: chocoladekoekjes  “nougat”
Pinda’s beetje roosteren en in de keukenmachine malen, honing toevoegen zodat er een stevig plakkerig mengsel ontstaat. Een snijplank of iets vergelijkbaars omwikkelen met huishoudfolie en daar het mengsel over uitstrijken. Chocolade au-bain-marie laten smelten en dit over het mengsel uitschenken. Eventueel, als je dat lekker vindt, nog witte chocolade smelten en hiermee een patroontje maken over de bruine chocolade. Dan alles in de koelkast weer op laten stijven. Eet smakelijk!

Photography : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home

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