Our Life

Our Life in two countries

Living and working between my two home countries, The Netherlands and Egypt. Born in the Netherlands makes me always feel home here. I lived in a beautiful white house for 3 years and really made it my colourful home, you can find a lot of inspiration here. And now it’s time for a new Dutch home, where? We don’t know yet. We felt in love with the pretty city Haarlem so we’re looking around if we can create a new dream home in this town!


Since I started my big journey for creating my own products here for my online shop I came to Egypt very often. And now I am married to my big love Mahmoud we have created our own home in Cairo too. And since I get so much inspiration from Egypt I love to share places to visit, nice restaurants and projects I am working on with you. See here more about The Egypt Life.

I feel so blessed that I am able to travel, live and work between my two home countries. So let’s see if we can collaborate together!



Working on different interiordesign projects, styling and photography and also collaborations with brands for instagram and the blog. See here more about the work I did so far. I did projects for Flexa, Vtwonen, Jotun Egypt, Stek Magazine, Mooi wat bloemen/planten doen, Eklego Design, The Nile Co, Fest Amsterdam, Show Up, Vtwonen & designbeurs, Bloomon, Sanoma Media, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Eigen Huis & Tuin, Meet the Blogger & Flair magazine. And even more nice projects are on it’s way with my filmmaker husband at my side ;). This new year, 2017, the focus will be on the blog, video and travel. If you see any nice collaboration, feel free to contact me.


Places to visit

I always love to explore the city and find new places to visit. When I bring my camera or even the iphone I love to capture this place to share it on my blog. And so I share with you some of my hotspots I have been to, what’s your favorite?

My love for plants became even bigger at Wildernis in Amsterdam


Zooba Maadi and other nice hotspots in Cairo


A city where I seriously could live! Valencia :) The last citytrip with my best friend Naomi was amazing, find out more here.

valencia citytrip

The Generator in Amsterdam is the coolest ( and only ) hostel I have ever been ( beside the one in Paris)! A must visit, even when you’re living in Amsterdam haha.

generator amsterdam citytrip

Find out more hotspots, restaurants, stores and city trip inspiration here.